Dos Mujeres

I recently made my second trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and I enjoyed their recent acquisition, Dos Mujeres by Frida Kahlo. This was the first painting Kahlo ever sold, and it was mounted with the back exposed to reveal a lovely inscription by the artist and various friends including Kahlo’s soon-to-be husband Diego Rivera (the two married a month later): “En recuerdo de una noche muy agradable con la autora del cuadro” (“In memory of a very pleasant evening with the author of the picture”). Pro tip: Always ensure that a museum allows photographs. Most do provided you do not use a flash.

Frida Kahlo's Dos Mujeres
Frida Kahlo’s Dos Mujeres acquired in 2016 by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
The back includes a lovely inscription, and the museum helpfully displayed it to include this detail.