2022 Year in Review

January: While few snow storms complicate winter, a major poultry disease hits my employer and makes this a tragic time for our customers.

February: Cold with little snow. Poultry disease continues. Uncertainty continues.

March: I say goodbye to a good friend who dies suddenly. My tennis community comes together to grieve and celebrate a life well lived. My husband and I meet John and Giselle Fetterman and begin to eagerly back their campaign.

April: Spring arrives. My car gets towed from my tennis club. An omen of things to come. I make another video for my employer and make some new friends in the process. Our Friday night tennis social expands, and I meet more new friends.

May: We go to Pittsburgh for a three game Pirates home stand, and my husband starts suffering from a mystery illness. I begin organizing regular breakfast meetings with dear friends. I buy an espresso machine, which is one of my favorite purchases ever. I play a charity tournament with a dear friend.

June: My mom comes to visit, and we visit as many bookstores as possible, make cappuccino every day, and spend time in PHL, Adamstown, Bethlehem, and Chadds Ford. She buys me more plants. Husband goes into the hospital and begins his recovery. I say goodbye to my 14-year-old bulldog, Pom. I attend WordCamp Montclair and swing by Bethlehem for a second time on the way home. I can’t get enough.

Miss you, Pom. I’ll love you forever.

July: I play a holiday tournament with a dear friend. I attend a weekend tennis camp and learn some new tactics. My husband continues his recovery, and we welcome a new bulldog, Nellie Nell. I start growing plants in the huge windows in my employer’s office.

August: So begins Cher’s BEST MONTH EVAH! I enjoy the weather and hours and hours of tennis at the Koser Tennis Tournament and the US Open. I finally get to see Sara Errani, Nick Kyrgios, and Rafael Nadal play.

September: I travel to September for Word Camp US!! My parents both come to visit, and my mom and I go back to PHL for a jammed packed fun few days. We tour the Rosenbach and eat chocolate croissants in Rittenhouse Square.

October: My car breaks down in Allentown and gets towed again. Can you see a pattern? My Baby Cow gets diagnosed with cancer. My husband and I see David Sedaris speak in Gettysburg, and I get to meet him when he signs my books. I start tracking all my food and making lifestyle changes.

November: We travel to NYC, and my 10-game winning streak continues at Met Life Stadium. I’m the NY Jet’s good luck charm! We stay in the flower district for an unusually warm few days and have leisurely breakfasts at L’Express. I manage to hit a 50% off sale at my favorite thrift store on 17th Street. #heaven John Fetterman becomes the junior senator from PA. I read more about minimalism and continue changing habits.

December: We meet up with our best friends in PHL for an amazing day. I lose my phone on Amtrak on the way home and get it back two days later. It’s my Christmas miracle! I have a health challenge and minor surgery, which results in a black eye. I tell people I got into a fight. My car dies for good, and I buy a 2023 model to replace it.

Hold your friends close. Remember things are just things. Spend your time wisely.

Goodbye, Sweet Volvo. I will miss you.
Welcome, Moshu. I’m looking forward to our adventures together.