Boring Enough to be Heard

“I don’t feel like I have had to invent a fiction about myself or become something that I’m not. I definitely feel like it took me a while to learn the baseline things you have to do if you want people to hear you. That’s why I’ve had the same haircut for the entire time that I’ve been on television and that’s why I wear literally the same jacket every day. I keep all the clothes I wear on TV in my office on a little hanging rack. My girlfriend calls it all the colors of the German rainbow. Grays, blacks, a slightly greenish gray for the days that I’m feeling particularly festive. I’m not trying to accomplish anything in the way I look other than to be boring enough for people to hear me.” – Rachel Maddow in Lenny

Novak on Convictions

“You play a lot of mind games with yourself. It is important to always believe you can play your best, perform your best. It is important at the end of the day that your convictions are stronger than your doubts.” -Novak Djokovic

Zadie Smith on Work

“The greatest antidote for everybody in every walk of life. This can happen on a small scale right on the playground when some people are mean to you. The best antidote is work. Is being involved in a subject which is not yourself. Which has some texture which you need to work on and think about. I’ve just learned over the years that I’m always happier in that place than in that echo chamber. I’ve just taken myself out of the current loop, which may make you look absurd in some ways.” – Writer Zadie Smith on work, productivity, and unplugging from social media on the Women of the Hour podcast

Serena on Looking Back

“You can never see ahead of yourself if you’re looking back. I don’t want to see what’s behind me. I want to see what’s in front of me.” -Serena Williams

Maron on Getting Sick

We just got done filming week two of  the 4th season of ‘Maron’ and I’m still having fun. I got sick, which I’m not happy about, but I’m not furious because that just makes it worse. The amount of time I’ve spend in my life putting all of my energy into not getting sick when I felt like I was getting sick is astounding. The amount of juice, vitamin C, greens, soup, oregano oil, Oscillococcinum, blackberry stuff, vitamin D, zinc, neti potting and gallons and gallons of water. It’s like a job. I still do some of that stuff but once it locks in, it locks in and you have to ride it out. Then you just have to sleep. My big fear going into the next week is that if my voice is a little off it will sound like I’ve gotten a cold within hours between scenes because we shoot out of sequence. We’ll see. It should be fine. People will understand. Maybe I’ll write an allergies line.” – Marc Maron