The View from My Neighborhood, Week of Sept 24 edition

“As I was posting some free furniture, I saw a number of posts of pets for free. This made me feel uncomfortable. Hope if people are looking for a good home, they can reach out to some of the local adoption folks, like Lost Paws or PAWS, both of which operate out of the local Pet Smarts. They do a very good vetting process to make sure pets are going to a good home.”

“Looking for the owner of a Siamese type light fur cat. I was informed by a neighbor that it was hit and killed by an unknown vehicle on Oak Lane on the North side of Columbia Avenue. Happened today, not sure if it is still there. If you know the owner or are the owner, sorry for your loss.”

“My name is Timmy and I’m looking to walk any dog at any time. I’ll also make sure to do a great job!👍”

New Construction

This is my garage. This is my house. The Amish crew builds it on weekends.

House that is all garage


Work begins at my neighbor’s house.

This house on State Street burnt in April of 2017. It’s slowly coming back to life. This is the current iteration.

Burnt house is slowly coming back to life


This house on Marietta Avenue constantly displays this sign offering free water for thirsty horses passing by. 

Water for Horses sign at house on Marietta Ave.


Rosa Rosa is a beloved pizza place on the corner of State and Harrisburg Pike. It burnt in November 2016. It is scheduled to open next month.

Rosa Rosa reopens November 2018