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  • COVID “Going Out” Planning

    Do you remember when smoking was allowed in bars, and you didn’t smoke? You’d start your “going out” planning by deciding what jeans were about ready to wash. What sweater you could part with for a week at the cleaners, and perhaps, what jacket you might be able to tumble in the dryer with a […]

  • Best of Times, Worst of Times

    Winter in the city. When you enjoy some snow beers with your neighbors on a snowy evening before arm wrestling them for a parking space the next day.

  • We’ll Buy Your House

    Signs of an overheated real estate market? When you get these cards weekly. 

  • Construction Continues

    My neighbor Al died in April. I’ve written about his passing here and here for those who want the backstory. In short, Al was a great neighbor who diligently took care of his home, but he never updated it. As in never.  One day last week, I caught the painter Lenny leaving the house, which […]

  • The View from My Neighborhood, Week of Sept 24 edition “As I was posting some free furniture, I saw a number of posts of pets for free. This made me feel uncomfortable. Hope if people are looking for a good home, they can reach out to some of the local adoption folks, like Lost Paws or PAWS, both of which operate out of the […]

  • Disappear

    I’ve written about my attached neighbor, Al, here. The short version is that he left this earth in early June in the same week and in the same manner as Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I watched the coroner carry his body bag out of the house with the help of a young funeral home […]

  • Cleanup

  • 9-11 Memorial Museum

    The very first time Jeff and I went to NYC together, we stopped by the World Trade Center. “Do you want to go up?” Nope. I hate heights. That was the first and last time I saw the building until it fell to the ground in September 2001 and took 2,606 people with it. On […]

  • Our Attached Neighbor

    We’ve lived in our city duplex since 2005, and in our entire tenure, a fireplug middle-aged man named Al has been our neighbor. We have many fine neighbors on this street, but Al was our “attached” neighbor. Jeff complained about his chattiness, but I quickly remind him that he was the ideal neighbor – polite, […]

  • Society of Illustrators Fall 2017 Shows

    In November 2017, my husband and I went to New York City for a Jets Thursday Night game. We spent three days total and filled the first one with, among other things, a trip to the Society of Illustrators (128 E 63rd St, New York, NY 10065) for their fall show. The show, which featured children’s […]