The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

I left work early today to pick up a job and a few things for an upcoming event. As I was coming out of the first stop with purchase in hand, a guy pulled in and said, “Hey, you passed me on the highway.”

Despite having a 225 hp turbo under the hood, I drive like a much older person driving a much lesser car. Really. So, I knew I wasn’t a jerk to him.

He continued, “What year is that car?” When I told him, he just stared at it. “I was going to buy one of those, but I got into an argument with the dealer over cruise control. I bought a Civic instead.” He was driving a Honda but not a Civic.

“It’s my favorite car I’ve ever owned,” I noted.

“Yeah, I bet if I bought that, I would still own it too. Have a good day.”

Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. Don’t let a petty argument get in the way of a great ride.