Category: Words to live by

  • All of this doesn’t matter that much

    I’m a huge fan of Million Dollar Listing New York. I barely watch tv outside of sports, but I’ve seen all 8 seasons of this one and all 17 of Project Runway. What those shows have in common is the importance of problem solving and working within a limited window of opportunity. There is only […]

  • The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

    I left work early today to pick up a job and a few things for an upcoming event. As I was coming out of the first stop with purchase in hand, a guy pulled in and said, “Hey, you passed me on the highway.” Despite having a 225 hp turbo under the hood, I drive […]

  • A Different Egg

    My mom lost her favorite cousin Gary last month. He was 69 and died of a stroke suffered after the removal of a brain tumor. Gary was the son of Paul “Rusty” Rostock, my mom’s uncle and oldest child of Elizabeth and Paul Rostock.  Rusty was an entrepreneur and a very formal gentleman who was […]

  • #peace

    This beauty watches over my brother tonight. #peace

  • I wish smart phones were smarter

    “I wish smart phones were smarter, more intuitive. If you open your browser or platform or email it can sense your emotional and psychological state and deny you access with screens like, ‘Maybe give it an hour,’ ‘its not a good time to see this,’ or ‘okay, that’s enough.’” – Marc Maron

  • Radical Desire for Time Travel

    “I would say we’re in the process of radical desire for time travel, which is something different. There was a survey – really fascinating to me – done of Republican voters in this last election by the Times. Seven out of ten of them wishing America could go back to how it was in the 1950s. […]

  • #speakup

    I’m a huge Project Runway fan. I’ve watched every season, and I think there are lessons in there for life. First off – don’t complain or argue. I’m a creative and the vast majority of my work is collaborative. Negative feedback is inevitable, so take it with grace and find the nugget you can use. […]

  • Uncle Rusty

    I lost my great uncle Rusty last weekend; although, I didn’t find out until this weekend because my mom knew I was on vacation and didn’t want to upset me. He was the first born son of my German great grandparents. They spoke German to him until he went to kindergarten and returned home confused. […]

  • Confidence is a powerful thing

    “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford

  • Room for everyone

    “No books. No effort. Does not function as a member of class.” – Report card of Joey Ramone as seen at the Queens Museum Ramones exhibit. A reminder that this very large world has room for all kinds of people and all kinds of talents and skills.