Book Sale Finds

Find at your book sale

Reduce, reuse, and recycle your books. These gems were picked up at a local library book sale. I also find books at yard sales and thrift shops. Not pictured here is a copy of Sophia Amoroso’s book #Girlboss, which I picked up at a yard sale a week later. I read it at the library but recently wanted to re-read it. 50 cents at a yard sale? MINE!

I buy so many books used that I stopped remembering what was on my pile. Recently, I made a Google spreadsheet of them so I have easy access to my list while on the road. Thanks Google Drive. It currently numbers more than 150 in alpha order. It’s not hoarding if it is books, people. Look it up.

I found a hardback copy of David Greene’s book Midnight in Siberia, pictured on top of the pile above. This was a most fortuitous find because I was able to see him speak two days later at an event for Leadership Lancaster. He signed my book after the event. I’m part of LL’s book club, and along with another attendee, we asked that Greene’s book be our next selection.

Leadership Lancaster David Greene Event
David Greene speaks to WITF’s Tim Lambert (left) at Leadership Inspired, May 24, 1017, Lancaster, PA