Category: recycle and reuse

  • Stuff

    Last winter, I instituted a room by room cleaning project. I emptied closets and cupboards. Nothing was untouched. Nothing uncleaned. I got rid of boxes of stuff.  In Brad Warner’s fantastic book, Sit Down and Shut Up, he writes this about things: Every object you acquire comes with a certain degree of responsibility for that […]

  • Auto DIY

    I work in marketing, and I’m fortunate to really enjoy working with our entire team. One individual who handles smaller accounts and ingredients came to us from a pharmaceutical company that closed nearby. Her name is Casey, and her background is in agronomy. She’s a very good sales person – organized, empathetic, and quietly awesome. […]

  • Old Clothes and Their Essence

    I recently completed Buddhism and Modern Psychology by Professor Robert Wright on In the supplemental material, one of the video lecturers was one between Wright and Paul Bloom on Bloom’s book How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like. In it, Bloom talked about the essence of things. From […]

  • Book Sale Finds

    Reduce, reuse, and recycle your books. These gems were picked up at a local library book sale. I also find books at yard sales and thrift shops. Not pictured here is a copy of Sophia Amoroso’s book #Girlboss, which I picked up at a yard sale a week later. I read it at the library but recently […]

  • Making Peace with Oil Based Paint

    More than 10 years after buying my home, I may finally have made peace with oil-based paint. The last time I painted this metal Bilco door, I got a big assist from the paint team at Lowe’s – specifically one knowledgeable woman behind the counter than gave me the scoop on how to make it […]

  • Shop Wisely, Shop Used

    For the past several years, I’ve kept track of every dollar I spend on clothes in a Google sheet. It’s a very nerdy endeavor for a former English major, but it keeps me on track to spend less and to spend wisely. I also have a formula that calculates the  amount of money I spend […]

  • Mr Nutto’s Chair

    This is Mr. Nutto’s Chair. It’s a Belter Chair from the late nineteenth century. It is rosewood with a needlepoint cushion that is not original. It was given to us by my father in law, Howe, who gave us the chair and the story several years ago. Mr. Nutto was an elderly suitor to Vern, my […]