Custom t-shirts

In leu of the “Cher’s Awesome T-Shirt collection” post that I did not yet write, here is a t-shirt I made with Uber Prints. Full disclosure: I cribbed this design after seeing it in Teen Vogue. I’m not exactly in their demographic, but I’m a Lauren Duca fan. I subscribe.  I pulled this image into Illustrator and matched the font. Take advantage of all the font tools in Illustrator to match any font. The font I started with was Blair TT Medium. I changed the tracking to 200 and the vertical scale to 150%. I changed the horizontal scale to 105%. Finally, I changed the font to a path and added a 2.5 pt stroke.  It’s a near perfect match.  If you’re really stuck, use the Font Identifier tool in Font Squirrel. Since I have hundreds of fonts, I prefer to match them whenever possible and avoid buying new ones.

I’ve also used Cafe Press for t-shirts. I can recommend both sites, but I’ll probably be back at Uber Prints in the near future to make some gifts.  This is a Bella Canvas t-shirt. It is very soft fitted t-shirt of nice quality. It’s a digital print, and the white t-shirt was slightly cheaper than a black or gray one.

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