Category: Tips

  • Tab titles in PDFs in WordPress

    On many of the corporate sites that I built and maintain, I load our newsletters as pdfs in WordPress’ media library. When I opened those as their own tab, the tab opens with a different name in it. I thought this was a setting in WordPress, but it is not. It’s the properties panel in […]

  • Adding a _blank tag with Javascript in Divi

    I’ve built and maintain four corporate websites for my employer, and since the change to Gutenberg, the premium theme I chose, Divi by Elegant Themes, has been slow and cumbersome to use. Some features don’t work at all requiring a workaround. One such feature was adding _blank to a button. I checked the box to […]

  • Survey Says

    I get endless surveys. I get one each time I stop at CVS. I get one each time I go to the doctor’s office. Any doctor. We go to a restaurant near our house several times a week. I get one on every receipt. I’m a heavy user of Adobe products, and I get a […]

  • Stuff

    Last winter, I instituted a room by room cleaning project. I emptied closets and cupboards. Nothing was untouched. Nothing uncleaned. I got rid of boxes of stuff.  In Brad Warner’s fantastic book, Sit Down and Shut Up, he writes this about things: Every object you acquire comes with a certain degree of responsibility for that […]

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Here is something that happened to me just recently but has reoccurred throughout my design career. The things I care about. The things I think are cool or good or difficult or clever are not always what others think are cool, good, difficult, or clever. Most people walk around in their own bubble of interests. […]

  • Coaching from a Spouse

    Despite sharing the same rank for a season, my husband is a better tennis player than I am. He played sports in high school. I did not. We both work hard on our games, but I think he has the edge. He’s a wonderful student of the game. He watches videos. He reads books. So […]

  • Project Runway: Mind Your Own Business Edition

    Project Runway is one of the few shows I wait to watch. I know when the next season is being released, and I’ve seen all 16. It inspired me to take a sewing and pattern making class and buy a sewing machine. However, more than fashion, I think it is a show about leadership and […]

  • Evol rules my world

    Since I previously posted about food, let me spend a few minutes talking about a food I really like, evol. I work 30 minutes from my home, and the distance makes it impossible to go home for lunch. I don’t want to spend too much on food, and the options near my workplace are limited. […]

  • Keep Growing

    Recently, I had a tennis friend fix something for me that I had been struggling with for years. (Keep that left arm up when you’re serving. It helps you sight the ball.) I’m sure someone else had given me the same advice, but I didn’t hear it. When I was ready to hear it, it […]

  • Be Awesome

    I just completed a successful job search, and this is one thing I learned. Be Awesome. To Everyone. All the Time. Awesome is your currency. Every interaction you have in life matters. So be kind. Be Awesome to everyone you meet. People want to work with Awesome. They want Awesome Around. Awesome wins every time.