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  • I Built an Archive and Wrote a History Book. You Can Too. The Thought Process

    In a previous post, I laid out the process for building an archive, researching, writing, and designing a corporate history book. In this post, I’d like to lay out the thought process for those that are considering the project. As I said previously, this process works for a corporate history or almost any project of […]

  • COVID “Going Out” Planning

    Do you remember when smoking was allowed in bars, and you didn’t smoke? You’d start your “going out” planning by deciding what jeans were about ready to wash. What sweater you could part with for a week at the cleaners, and perhaps, what jacket you might be able to tumble in the dryer with a […]

  • I feel guilty that…

    The second assignment in week two of Creative Writing was to write a story based on a prompt from The Artist’s Way. The prompt is below in bold. I feel guilty that I am not more put together. Professional. I can’t say I feel this all the time but sometimes. Ok – weekly. Usually at […]

  • Ode to Mitnick

    Week two of Creative Writing commenced with a request to write a story with Kevin Mitnick as an inspiration. Below is my story. He pulled up to the old storefront in South LA and took the first parking spot on the street. His late model Lincoln Towncar shook as he shut off the massive big […]

  • As he took in the view from the twentieth floor…

    Looking to do more personal work and side projects in 2020, I enrolled in a creative writing class at PCAD. For this exercise, we took a prompt from this website,, and took 20 minutes to write a story around it. The prompt is in bold below. As he took in the view from the […]

  • The Princess on the Submarine

    With a desire to do more personal work and outside projects in 2020, I took a creative writing course at The Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. The class meets three weekends in a row on a Saturday, 10 am to noon. I can walk there. For this exercise, we rolled four different dice and […]

  • Stuff

    Last winter, I instituted a room by room cleaning project. I emptied closets and cupboards. Nothing was untouched. Nothing uncleaned. I got rid of boxes of stuff.  In Brad Warner’s fantastic book, Sit Down and Shut Up, he writes this about things: Every object you acquire comes with a certain degree of responsibility for that […]

  • Bulletproof

    It’s been a year of change at my job, and at some point, one of our executives came by and told me that the door was open if I needed a dose of radical honesty. I appreciated that and indicated as much. “You strike me as the kind of person that empties your bucket for […]

  • The advantage of being a student for life

    I began my graduate work a few weeks after receiving my undergraduate degree. I knew I didn’t want to leave school, and I kind of never have. You shouldn’t either. Here’s why. I work in technology. Everything changes all the time. Being ok with being a student turned out to be a huge advantage, and […]

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Here is something that happened to me just recently but has reoccurred throughout my design career. The things I care about. The things I think are cool or good or difficult or clever are not always what others think are cool, good, difficult, or clever. Most people walk around in their own bubble of interests. […]