Category: Life well lived

  • It will probably just be fine, perfect in fact

    This Wednesday, I got a flat tire that required an entirely new tire. I have 18 in rims and low profile tires that are probably fine in any other state but a nightmare on the horrendous roads of the Commonwealth. This Saturday, I had tickets to WordCamp Leigh Valley, and I had to drive. I […]

  • Alabama Nationals

    A tale to tell in which I finally set foot in the state of Alabama for a tennis tournament. I had the good fortune to be asked in late December 2017 to join a newly formed 18+ 6.0 mixed team whose season began in January. Captain Laurie quickly organized a practice every Saturday at 10:30 […]

  • To suppress anger

    Brad Warner’s Sit Down and Shut Up: Punk Rock Commentaries on Buddha, God, Truth, Sex, Death, and Dogen’s Treasury of the Right Dharma Eye is the 18th book I read in 2018, and the fifth whose subject was Buddhism. It’s been a tough year on a few fronts, but reading and internalizing these studies has helped […]

  • Gift Horses

    I just finished a Content Marketing class at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.  This was just one of a series of Continuing Education classes they offer in the evenings and on weekends every semester. It’s a great way to increase arts education, serve the community, build a base of supporters and potential donors, […]

  • Stuff

    Last winter, I instituted a room by room cleaning project. I emptied closets and cupboards. Nothing was untouched. Nothing uncleaned. I got rid of boxes of stuff.  In Brad Warner’s fantastic book, Sit Down and Shut Up, he writes this about things: Every object you acquire comes with a certain degree of responsibility for that […]

  • The advantage of being a student for life

    I began my graduate work a few weeks after receiving my undergraduate degree. I knew I didn’t want to leave school, and I kind of never have. You shouldn’t either. Here’s why. I work in technology. Everything changes all the time. Being ok with being a student turned out to be a huge advantage, and […]

  • Schmaltzy

    My mom called last Sunday. She got the self-portraits I sent for their 45th wedding anniversary. She cut her trip to the Oregon Coast short so she could say goodbye to her dad. “The pictures were a really nice surprise. Thanks for that.” My mom’s parents are divorced. They separated when she was 12, and […]

  • Anniversary Photo

    My parents will celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary later this month. I took some photos for them, so they would replace their photos of me at 18. 

  • Auto DIY

    I work in marketing, and I’m fortunate to really enjoy working with our entire team. One individual who handles smaller accounts and ingredients came to us from a pharmaceutical company that closed nearby. Her name is Casey, and her background is in agronomy. She’s a very good sales person – organized, empathetic, and quietly awesome. […]

  • Old Clothes and Their Essence

    I recently completed Buddhism and Modern Psychology by Professor Robert Wright on In the supplemental material, one of the video lecturers was one between Wright and Paul Bloom on Bloom’s book How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like. In it, Bloom talked about the essence of things. From […]