Category: Life well lived

  • Coaching from a Spouse

    Despite sharing the same rank for a season, my husband is a better tennis player than I am. He played sports in high school. I did not. We both work hard on our games, but I think he has the edge. He’s a wonderful student of the game. He watches videos. He reads books. So […]

  • The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

    I left work early today to pick up a job and a few things for an upcoming event. As I was coming out of the first stop with purchase in hand, a guy pulled in and said, “Hey, you passed me on the highway.” Despite having a 225 hp turbo under the hood, I drive […]

  • Baby Cow Yoga

    I’ve been blessed with amazing health in my life, and until I was about 25, I didn’t even work out. When I met my husband, who is 10 years older, he worked out every night after work. I had few hobbies at 25, so I started working out too. I started by running and moved […]

  • Red

    2017 has felt like a year of loss, and some of it has been literal. My grandmother, Doloras Shay, left this world yesterday after 92 years. My brother and I passed her hometown of Hays, Kansas on a cross country trip in the ’90s. It was just west of Russell, Kansas, which sported an enormous […]

  • How’s the Spanish Going?

    Back in July, I wrote a post about learning Spanish. You may be wondering, is that still a thing? Sure is. Since that time, I’m nearly through Duolingo and half way through the beginning course on Babbel. What did I learn? I learned that I have to be patient with myself. Very patient. 95% of […]

  • Project Runway: Mind Your Own Business Edition

    Project Runway is one of the few shows I wait to watch. I know when the next season is being released, and I’ve seen all 16. It inspired me to take a sewing and pattern making class and buy a sewing machine. However, more than fashion, I think it is a show about leadership and […]

  • Weight Loss Technology

    I have two dogs, Pom and Baby Cow. Pom’s entire life is moved by food. He’ll do anything for it. It makes him exceedingly easy to train. Baby Cow likes attention. She likes food alright, but it doesn’t move her world. I am much more Baby Cow than Pom. However, one curious thing about my […]

  • A Different Egg

    My mom lost her favorite cousin Gary last month. He was 69 and died of a stroke suffered after the removal of a brain tumor. Gary was the son of Paul “Rusty” Rostock, my mom’s uncle and oldest child of Elizabeth and Paul Rostock.  Rusty was an entrepreneur and a very formal gentleman who was […]