What you stand for

“Slavery, the Holocaust, the Movement for Civil Rights…this moment is but another in a chain of opportunities to choose what you stand for.” – LeVar Burton


“I’m always amazed at my commitment and preoccupation, obsession, with little bullshit aggravations. I know what is going on. I know why my brain does it. It’s sort of like the opposite of spirituality but seeks to serve the same ends. When things are terrifying and out of your control, which is most things, why not get completely preoccupied for a few hours with a scuff on your new boots and obsess about what an asshole you are for not paying more attention to walking and what you do with your feet? Then, over time wrestle that attack on self and events that are natural and out of your control into some kind of acceptance. Boots get scuffed. They’re boots. Stupid.” – Marc Maron

I wish smart phones were smarter

“I wish smart phones were smarter, more intuitive. If you open your browser or platform or email it can sense your emotional and psychological state and deny you access with screens like, ‘Maybe give it an hour,’ ‘its not a good time to see this,’ or ‘okay, that’s enough.’” – Marc Maron

I like the anxiety

“And you can drink coffee all day.”

“All day.”

“It would give me horrible anxiety.”

“I like the anxiety.”

-Sarah Jessica Parker and Jerry Seinfeld, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee