Category: Vintage

  • The Friendly Toast

    Finding the world’s greatest breakfast place is usually my husband’s job when we are on vacation. Breakfast is very important to him, and since we often skip lunch, he wants something substantial and good. This sometimes means an uncomfortably long early morning walk or a dead end when we find the perfect place opens too […]

  • Vintage Pineapple Lamp

    This may look like a group of grapes, but it is not. It’s a pineapple, a Vintage Pineapple Lamp. Check out eBay if you don’t believe me. I spied this at a thrift store more than a year ago, but I kept my powder dry owing to the $49 price tag. That’s a bit too […]

  • Shop Wisely, Shop Used

    For the past several years, I’ve kept track of every dollar I spend on clothes in a Google sheet. It’s a very nerdy endeavor for a former English major, but it keeps me on track to spend less and to spend wisely. I also have a formula that calculates the ¬†amount of money I spend […]

  • Old and Functional

    I love old things…especially old functional things like dishes and lamps. Really cool old things can be found in two places: vintage stores with knowledgeable proprietors and yard sales. You’ll find the best bargains at yard sales because store owners in the know will price their cool things accordingly. This lamp is a mixture of […]