Category: Cool old stuff

  • Vintage Pineapple Lamp

    This may look like a group of grapes, but it is not. It’s a pineapple, a Vintage Pineapple Lamp. Check out eBay if you don’t believe me. I spied this at a thrift store more than a year ago, but I kept my powder dry owing to the $49 price tag. That’s a bit too […]

  • Mr Nutto’s Chair

    This is Mr. Nutto’s Chair. It’s a Belter Chair from the late nineteenth century.┬áIt is rosewood with a needlepoint cushion that is not original. It was given to us by my father in law, Howe, who gave us the chair and the story several years ago. Mr. Nutto was an elderly suitor to Vern, my […]