Category: Design

  • Project Runway: Mind Your Own Business Edition

    Project Runway is one of the few shows I wait to watch. I know when the next season is being released, and I’ve seen all 16. It inspired me to take a sewing and pattern making class and buy a sewing machine. However, more than fashion, I think it is a show about leadership and […]

  • Evol rules my world

    Since I previously posted about food, let me spend a few minutes talking about a food I really like, evol. I work 30 minutes from my home, and the distance makes it impossible to go home for lunch. I don’t want to spend too much on food, and the options near my workplace are limited. […]

  • Some Brands Own Colors

    Unlike some women in her generation, my maternal grandmother worked outside the home. Always. There was never a moment when she was a stay at home mother largely because my grandfather died before my father was born. Not a terribly independent person my nature, she didn’t have a choice, and she rose to what was […]

  • Dos Mujeres

    I recently made my second trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and I enjoyed their recent acquisition, Dos Mujeres by Frida Kahlo. This was the first painting Kahlo ever sold, and it was mounted with the back exposed to reveal a lovely inscription by the artist and various friends including Kahlo’s soon-to-be […]

  • The Friendly Toast

    Finding the world’s greatest breakfast place is usually my husband’s job when we are on vacation. Breakfast is very important to him, and since we often skip lunch, he wants something substantial and good. This sometimes means an uncomfortably long early morning walk or a dead end when we find the perfect place opens too […]

  • The Press Hotel

    I just returned from a trip to New England that started in Portland, ME. My husband and I did some quick math and figured out it had been 8 years since we stayed in Portland. The Press Hotel was our first stop. This hotel did not exist on our last visit, and I found it […]

  • A Little Spray Paint

    This little seating area was in Portland, ME. Someone took a can of spray paint to some inexpensive chairs and created a lovely little outdoor space on a budget.

  • Custom t-shirts

    In leu of the “Cher’s Awesome T-Shirt collection” post that I did not yet write, here is a t-shirt I made with Uber Prints. Full disclosure: I cribbed this design after seeing it in Teen Vogue. I’m not exactly in their demographic, but I’m a Lauren Duca fan. I subscribe.  I pulled this image into […]

  • #speakup

    I’m a huge Project Runway fan. I’ve watched every season, and I think there are lessons in there for life. First off – don’t complain or argue. I’m a creative and the vast majority of my work is collaborative. Negative feedback is inevitable, so take it with grace and find the nugget you can use. […]

  • Casper reigns at Penn Station

    Mon mari and I spent last weekend in NY and traveled there via our preferred method of travel, Amtrak. Casper Mattress dominated the advertising space at Penn Station this month, and I had to admire their branding. Soothing shades of blue remind me of sleep and the font was playful yet modern. The original illustrations are […]